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Three Kingdom Park อุทยานสามก๊ก

Three Kingdom Park “อุทยานสามก๊ก” This
Three Kingdom Park was built for remembrance
dedicate for Mr.Kiarti Srifeungfung, a successful Thai-Chinese
businessman. His six children build tis theme Park for their
Father last wish toallow other to understand and appreciate
aspects of Buddhism,of Thai and Chinese culture and philosophy
and his favourite chinese epic, Romance of the Three Kingdom,
which was complied byGuan Zhong of Ming Dynasty. Which
well knownas greatest and best Chinese novel.
         Many wonderful architectures at Three
Kingdom Park

such as Three Pogodas set in formal grounds on basis ofthe
Chinese geomancy principle. Another wonderful veranda tile
“Kung Sai”painted with story of Romance of Three Kingdom.

Three Kingdom Park "อุทยานสามก๊ก"

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  1. สวนสามก๊กพัทยา สวยน่าเที่ยวมากครับ คนที่ชอบเรื่องจีนหรือสามก๊กไปแล้ว จะมีความสุข เพราะมีศิลปะและความรู้แบบจีนมากมายเลย

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