Pattaya Scuba Diving, pattaya dive sites, Pattaya diving

Pattaya Scuba Diving

Pattaya Dive Sites were Favourite from Scuba
Divers around theworld. Diving sites atPattaya city are really
exciting Coral Reef were verybeautyful and many marine lifes are
stillabundant perfect for Scuba Diversto dive here at
Pattaya Diving sites. The List of Divesitesat
Pattaya city and nearby Dive Sites of Pattaya

At Pattaya city main scuba diving areas around Pattaya
arelocated is mostly called the “Far
“. These Dive Sitesare the second ring of islands
about 20-30 kilometers from Pattayabeach. The
islands are ubder controlled by Thai Navy, and not allow
toconstruct any permanent structures ). These islands including
KohRin, Koh ManWichai,
Koh Klung Bedan, Koh Hu Chang and
Koh Phai. All of These are about 20 different
sites with visibilityranging from 5 – 15 meters.

Looking for acheap flightand spendyour holidays in this wonderful
Pattaya city, Thailand. You get to experience a fun and exciting
vacation without spending much. There are some activities though
that you can do on the beach wherein you need to shell out extra
money. Diving is definitely a great way to spend your getaway in
the beach but this isn’t cheap. However, you are almost guaranteed
to get more than what you actually paid for when you go diving
because of the stunning underwater wonders that you will see

pattaya Diving

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