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Pattaya Beer Bars

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Pattaya is especially famous for its beer bars
(also called bar-beer), staffed by “bar girls” who
are “for hire”to the tourists and ex-pats who drink there. Popular
beer bar pastimes includepool, connect-four and shut-the-box.

Open-air beer bars can be found all over Pattaya,
with thebiggest and best known concentrations being along and
around Pattaya Soi 7/Pattaya Soi 8 and Pattaya Walking Street, at
numerous points on Pattaya secondRoad, Pattaya Beach Road, Soi
Buakhao, and in smaller numbers just abouteverywhere else,
including along the southern end of Naklua Road and at
Jomtien.Although the staff of a typical beer bar will usually all
be prostitutes,customers who have no intention of paying a “bar
fine” (money paid to the bar sothat the girl can leave with the
customer) are generally very welcome and indeedmake up the majority
of the clientele

Indoor beer bars can also be found all over
Pattaya, the mostnotorious areas of Pattaya being Soi Yodsak (Soi
6) and parts of Soi Post Office(Soi 13/2). While some of these bars
are much more “bar fine” oriented, in mostcases customers who
simply want to buy drinks are still welcome.

The official closing time in “entertainment zones” is 01:00(in
practice usually somewhere between 01:00 and 02:00, depending on
thelocation) and 00:00 elsewhere – however “closing” is defined as
switching offthe music and non-essential lighting, and numerous
beer bars remain open 24/7.

Go-go bars
Also called a-go-go bars, the main concentrations
arealong Walking Street and the three Pattayaland streets, with
more dotted aroundthe most popular beer bar areas; most come to
life at around 20:00 and closebetween 01:00 and 02:00.Sight-seeing
tourists are welcome in go-go bars, however cameras are not.
Signsprohibiting photography are widespread, and a minority of
venues require patronsto deposit their cameras with security staff
as they enter.

Walking Street
Should have been named “Walking, Shopping, Eating, Drinking,
Dancing and OglingStreet” as there’s plenty of almost everything
here – including around 100 beerbars and at least 30 go-go bars,
plus many more in the side-sois that lead easttowards Pratamnak
Road. Worth a look in the daytime, but best visited in theevening,
and has loads of restaurants if you’re bridging the gap between
thetwo. Gets really packed in places when the discos empty, so
watch your pockets.If you’re going to visit just one go-go, you
could try “Super Baby” in SoiDiamond, whose reputation for having
the most attractive girls (not a stretchmark as far as the eye
could see) in its heyday a year or two back made it amandatory stop
for countless busloads of Asian tourists. While that’s no
longerquite the case, it’s still a good bet as a hassle-free
“middle of the road”place to see.

Soi Pattayaland 2 (Soi 13/4) features on many a Pattaya postcard -
when lit upat night, the go-go bar signs are a memorable and
photogenic sight, althoughthere are in fact only eight go-go bars
here (two of which feature guys, notgirls), plus a half-dozen bars
and the Penthouse Hotel. Worth a look in theevening (it’s almost a
ghost town the rest of the time), but get there before01:00 as
that’s when the lights go out. Soi Pattayaland 3 (“Boyz Town” – no
direct access from Beach Road, runs from themiddle of Soi 13/4 to
Second Road) features only male dancers and bars thatcater for the
gay crowd; Soi Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/3) has even more
all-malego-gos (eight), but does have a couple of girlie-go-gos
too. There is also asmall lesbian scene in Pattaya, with local
butch girls called “tom” girls andfemme girls called “dee”.

Soi 7 & Soi 8
There’s always something going on here – in the evening and early
hours, thereare about 120 well-staffed beer bars to choose from,
plus a handful of go-gobars; in the morning there are several
places that serve breakfast; in theafternoon it’s a popular place
for those who like to get started early; and at Songkran (New Year)
it’s unmitigated mayhem. The “Night Out” complex(10 large outdoor
bars, on a side-soi that connects Soi 7 and Pattaya CentralRoad) is
about as family-orientated as these places ever get, and has live
musicfrom 20:00-01:00. There are several large hotels (light
sleepers beware), andSoi 8 also has a few travel agencies,
convenience stores, etc.

Soi Yodsak (Soi 6)
Imagine a kerb-crawlers paradise – and then pedestrianise it.
Arguably Pattaya’smost colourful street (as well as most
notorious), Soi 6 has about 50 bars(mostly “short time” bars, with
names such as “Butterfly”, “Love Club”, “Route69″ and “The Eager
Beaver”) which all get going at 13:00 and close pretty muchon the
dot at 01:00. It’s not really a pedestrian-only street (but it
isone-way), however walking – preferably in broad daylight – is
undoubtedly thebest and most popular way to experience it. Go in
the middle of the afternoonand just wander from one end to the
other (if coming from the south, walk fromthe Second Road end down
to the Beach Road end if you want to get there and backby
songthaew). It’s much, much more “sex-tourist” than “tourism”
oriented, butanyone and everyone is welcome everywhere provided
they’re buying a drink orthree. The curiously named “Hi Boss! 2002
Pub” is where the ladyboys hang out,there’s one go-go – “Mandarin”
(dancing from 17:00 till 01:00), plus a couple of”pub” food
possibilities; and neighbouring Soi 6/1 has a handful of
“ordinary”outdoor beer bars.

Second Road – around the Soi 2 & Soi 3

On the west side of Second Road opposite the Central Festival
Centre is acollection of about 35 very popular beer bars, which
start to fill up from about16:00, and several of which remain open
long after the lights go out around01:00-02:00. “Atlantic Bar”, at
the far end of the five-bar strip to the southof Soi 2, always
draws a substantial crowd. The only go-go (“Classroom
2″,19:30-02:00) is a lively one, and while there’s not much in the
way of food inamongst the bars themselves, there are numerous
eating options extremely nearby(including outlets for most of the
major fast-food chains directly opposite onthe other side of Second

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