Pattaya Beach. Beaches of Pattaya City, Thailand.

Pattaya Beach, With Curved bay of about
3kilometers long, lay itself along the west side of city.
Pattayabeach is well known by most of Tourists,
with it new developed cleanbeach and well manage by City governor.
All beachs of Pattayabeach from north Pattaya to
south Pattaya were decolated by beautyfulflowers.On Pattaya
you can find many activities offers to yousuch as
Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Parachute-Skiing etc.

Pattaya Beach is situated along the central city
in closeproximity to shopping, hotels and bars. The over-abundance
of jet-skis andspeedboats has contributed to the pollution of the
water along the Pattaya beach, as has the practice
of dumping sewage in theocean. The section of beach from Central
Road south to the harbor is adjacent tothe core of Pattaya’s
abundant nightlife area, it is less family-oriented thanthe
North Pattaya, Na Klua and

Pattaya’s main beaches are popular and busy places. For the
thrill-seekers, activities include
banana-boat rides,
jet-skiing, water-skiing,
parasailing, windsurfing, and the
like andanyone who just wants to enjoy a simple swim or a good
splash around with afrisbee or rented inner tube will always find
themselves with plenty of company.However, while in and beyond the
surf, a wary eye does need to be kept on themore frenetic elements
of the passing traffic.

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