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The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth

TheSanctuary is splendour gigantic construction cover tworai
ofareas. The building is about 105 meters high. It was totallymade
from woodand it was biggest wooden construction inThailand. Its
shape is 100x100x100m3. The in-door space is2,155 square meters. It
was began constructed in1981 and stillunder construction. Sanctuary
of truth wasestablished byMr.Lek Viriyaphan, he was also created
“Ancient City” andthreeheaded Elephant ArtMuseum at Samut Prakarn

Not only wonderful wooden pavillion but there are manyactivities
for you tospend time all day. Dolphin Training Show
can be the highlight of it. Or theHorse riding, Speed boad
aroundthe castle.The Dolphin Shows atSanctuary of Truth.You can get
closerand touch Dolphins.Dolphinsperform serveral play such as
jumpingup to the air,dancing, kissing you canalso feeding

The Sanctuary of Truth The Sanctuary of Truth

The building was constructedaccording to ancient Thai ingen uityand
every square inch of the
building iscovered with wooden carve sculpture. The purposes of
decoration with woodencarve sculptures are to use art and culture
as the reflection of Ancient Visionof Earth,Ancient Knowledge, and
Eastern Philosophy. With in this complex,

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